w-a-ellis_logo_tempTowards the end of 2011 I was approached by W.A.Ellis on a mission of strategic change, expansion and growth.

Profits after a rebrand, and redefined strategy, grew by 33% and more importantly, market share by 1.6% within one of the world’s most global and competitive property markets.  W.A.Ellis as a team was recognised in numerous awards and achieved growth through strong leadership and a collaborative approach.  

In just under 3 years with the firm, we explored 2 significant expansion opportunities and were courted by a number of large international organisations.  The sale to JLL at the end of 2014 offered strong opportunities for home-grown talent to develop further on a global stage with the prime London market in a leading role.

“Thank you for giving us so much confidence in getting our business. You are exceptional and I daily think how valuable you are to us.” Tim des Forges, Partner W.A.Ellis – 2013

” I am grateful for all you did to bring us into the 21st Century with its attendant marketing and branding issues.” Richard Barber, Partner W.A.Ellis – 2015


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