Successful marketing campaigns involve many strands coming together at just the right time.

Whether you’re looking to get a particular element started, finished or a strategic plan delivered end-to-end, CarolineMary offers a menu of services with specialist expertise to support your immediate needs on an ongoing or an ad hoc basis.

Objective consultation

Key to any credible evaluation process is impartiality and objective review is much harder within a hierarchy.  Indeed it is the only the onlooker’s view that is completely undistorted by emotional or personal bias and based entirely on observable facts.

I bring valuable insights from other environments and, undistracted by corporate administration, a single focus to growing business for my satisfaction and reputation and that of my client. 

Transparency is the new objectivity

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Rebranding & brand development

Great examples include Apple and Lego, poor ones, Kodak and… oh yes, we can’t remember them.  Brands of all sizes need to be able to flex with markets to retain inherent value.   The brand while seemingly abstract is the critical element in value proposition and brand positioning is what differentiates a business from its competitors.  Most importantly brands are built by customer perception so must be considered – ideally unconsciously – during each and every contact point with the customer.  

My experience in building brands crosses sectors, consumer groups, exclusive and not-for-profit. Once established and mature, the brand sits as an intangible asset.  It needs protecting and developing and it will deliver far beyond the investment put in to build it.  The identity of a brand is carried across its logo and typeface, colour palette and design style, communication approach and platforms engaged with, tone of voice and messaging, quality of materials and service, office style, devices and operating systems and so much more. Ensuring a business identity is in tune with its target audience makes brand building a much easier prospect.   In my opinion brands don’t actually age; generations do and brands must stay relevant to each new generation that enters the marketplace. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

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Strategic planning

Highly skilled across the complete marketing mix, online, offline, in person and in print, my skill is to ensure my clients are reaching the right market with the right message through the right channel at the right time.  Quarterly analysis is built in to every element of the programme and campaign performance maximized on the back of evidential data. If the product or service is right too, a well executed strategic marketing plan cannot fail to grow business.

Marketing without measure is like driving with a blindfold

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Process and implementation

Often it is a lack of process and accountability that prevents businesses from maximising marketing initiatives.   My experience of sensible scheduling and implementing processes with clinical organisation ensures once a plan is agreed it is delivered.

Like any growth process, marketing is a science with apparatus, method and results.

A goal without a plan is no more than a wish

Change management

My experience in leading teams during periods of change began in 2003 from a relatively junior position, gained traction in 2014 as Marketing Director on both sides of an M&A transaction and since in my consultancy work.   I have the independence both in style and role to effectively manage impacts of transition beyond the boardroom.

Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end

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Copywriting & eagle-eyed editing

But one never starts a sentence with an article.  Or does one?  Perhaps it depends on your style and relates to your brand, audience and tone of voice.  Some like it formal others more colloquial – what matters is consistency, and yes, every apostrophe.   From management accounts, to promotional brochures, campaigns, press releases, web copy or traditional etiquette my copywriting and proof-reading services  can be applied to any style and tone of voice on an ad hoc or ongoing basis. 

‘Lets eat Grandma’ or  ‘Let’s eat Grandma’ ??

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Digital best practice

Many speak of online marketing as if it stands separate, indeed some companies still have online and offline marketing departments but to my mind digital must be integrated into any growth plan alongside the traditional basics and needs specialist knowledge. SEM, PPC, CTR, CPM, IOT, ASO, I know my acronyms and I am consistently developing my skills to move with them.  This is my business, and I can support your business to make the most of our fast evolving digital world. 

It’s not digital marketing it’s marketing in a digital world

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Social Media

Not every organisation needs to be ‘social’, just like not everyone always feels sociable but it still pays to listen.  Knowing your audience is knowing its likes and dislikes and knowing when and how to join the conversation, the good the bad and the ugly.   My experience has taken me from Twitterphobic to Twitterazzi with a Klout high of 59 and rated at 98% for Business Plans and Media Relations.  This means CarolineMary is recognised by others for knowing its onions on social media and I can help your brand gain that recognition too. 

A brand is not what we tell consumers it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is

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Optimised web content

Even the clever people at Google don’t know the Google algorithm and it can’t be guessed. Relevance to search queries is key but knowing where to place the most relevant content is vital, while retaining user experience.  As optimisation rules change, so must any site that wants to be found. My continuing professional development in SEO ensure my skills remain as hot on the heels of the algorithm as Google itself. In a word – it’s relevant. 

Google only loves you when others love you first

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Managing your customer relationships is a process.  It is not a software package although the right software will make the process cost-effective. Technology today means businesses can pinpoint each customer and provide that individual or enterprise with exactly what it needs.  My training is in the traditional prospect triangle and journey mapping, segmenting customer groups to receive specific messages and targeted products or services but I also identify and work with the most effective tools for each business.  With the right tools we can identify the best prospects from digital interaction, record reasons for converting – or not – online and offline and identify exactly what it will take to win new business and crucially if it’s worth it – making efficiency the strongest tactic of all. 

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Marketing is no longer like throwing pepperoni on pizza.  It’s about throwing darts at bullseyes.

Media placement

Traditional journo-wooing isn’t my forte but sharing the right stories, through the right media at the right time is today as effective through digital sources as via the ‘little black book’.  As a journalist myself I know the joy of being sent a newsworthy piece just when I need it and digitally savvy I know who is looking for news about what – and when.   It’s an important part of my offering.

If you do something worth writing about I can write something worth reading about

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Project management

As a short-term project manager I ensure that skilled regular staff effectively contribute their industry know-how without having to step too far out of the day-job.   Business continues as usual, expertise is used effectively and the venture is delivered with team engagement and not as a bolt-on. Appreciation for project risk, contingency, justifications and returns alongside careful identification of resource, appetite and skill-sets ensure smooth and efficient delivery. 

You have the right PM when the P is as much about people as it is about the project

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Transactional analysis

A theory that combines elements of psychology into a therapeutic approach.   In the workplace people need specific focus on conscious and unconscious communication to break down barriers between managers and employees and between competing departments.  Using transactional analysis to develop communication between teams and hierarchies helps  organisations become more focused and achieve more. 

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