Charity matters

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about

I have always worked in organisations with a strong social conscious and I am delighted that from CarolineMary I have the chance to support three specific causes.

brain-tumour-research-logoSomeone in England is diagnosed with a brain tumour every two hours, 0.7% of Cancer Research funding is allocated here and less than 20% of patients survive beyond five years of diagnosis.  Adding to this agony is the way the brain deteriorates, stealing even more time.   ‘I’m not ready to die’ were among my mother’s final words.  We can stop this happening and I’m thrilled to have designed this year’s official Christmas card in aid of this fight. Purchase here

AADAn African Dream was founded by a dear schoolfriend who, with her husband, set out on a life of missionary work in Uganda. Having bought land for a house in Kasese, Sophie and Mark returned to the UK for the birth of Noah and a year later James. But when Mark died of Cancer only 4 months after James was born Sophie turned her life’s work to raising their sons in the UK and building a primary school on the land in Kasese.  
St Mark’s school was completed in 2007 and today is a focal part of the community supporting orphans, widows and pastors.  Sophie who remarried in 2010 now raises a family of 4 in Dorset and it’s a privilege to have witnessed this exceptional feat of one young mother. CarolineMary sponsors Kiiza Angella, born in 2009.  Kiiza walks 5km to school each way, she wants to be a nurse one day, and she loves Maths.

youngminds-logoMental health affects all aspects of a child’s development and our rapidly moving culture only increases the pressure.  Supporting young people to build emotional resilience is more important than ever not least to enable the healthy growth of fully functional adults.  I have seen just a snapshot of the issue as a volunteer on the helpline.   It is challenging work, not least because of the insights gained into our social care and educational systems.