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img_6228Steel has been unavoidable in this week’s news with the proposed sale of the Port Talbot works by Indian holding company Tata.   Within the conglomerate’s portfolio also sit four other steel plants in Wales and another two in England.  A severe problem for British jobs, the Government is engaged in emergency talks to find a workable solution.

It is therefore with wry humour that I draw parallels to CarolineMary’s activity this week.  Thrilled to be engaged in the marketing of a single product alongside our professional service portfolio we find ourselves also faced with a steely problem.  Or, more accurately, a steely solution to a maddening hitch for professional service personnel and students alike.


I was formally introduced to Archie on 4th September 2012 by the snag-solving and occasionally-infuriated barrister responsible for this brainchild.   We met at the National Theatre after a performance – of I can’t remember what – but I do remember Archie.   Stylish packaging, unbleached and from sustainable resources, no stone is left unturned in design, manufacture or presentation – I refer to Archie and not specifically the creator.  Even when holding it in my hand – one, two or all ten that come in a box –  I was none the wiser as to this invention’s purpose.

Enter Archie – the best kept secret in bridging gaps, working through disjointed approaches and taking an overview in rigid misalignment.   Archie is no diplomat and yet allows for smooth discussion and uninterrupted progress through the most stressful situations.

Encouraging reader engagement I should post a poll at this point to see how many have guessed Archie’s raison d’être but I’m too hasty to share this last bastion of the industrial revolution.  Who’d have thought that today we’d have a solution to an irritation recurring in institutions across the world since 1890?

Lawyers, Accountants, HR Professionals, Students and numerous others have used the modest lever arch file for over a century.  How many times then have the blighters that are the arc lost their way when levered into position? As you nod in recognition you’ll also remember that once they’ve gone there is no fixing them.   Papers catch, rip, fall out and the only option to restore any form of productivity in storage, research or revision is to source a new file (£3.99 RRP) and transfer all the papers – until the next time. What’s more is how many other files in the overall system will lose their join not to mention the frustration when those still fully-functioning get dropped.


Designed in London, manufactured in West Bromwich from carbon spring steel and packaged in Kent; Archie is a very British reusable clip, engineered at least to save time and aggravation, at most to facilitate efficient information storage, A-grade revision and top-flight advisory services.   At £5 for a pack of 10, Archie offers a steel-clad solution to failed folio frustrations.
pm-commentThe Prime Minister will be wishing our nation’s other pressing steel problem is as easy
to solve.  At least he has Archie and while ‘nothing is off the table’ in discussions at present he can be sure with the assistance of Archie his lever arch files are fit for purpose – table, desk, cabinet or floor.

For more information and to purchase your own Archie solutions visit  Follow Archie’s journey @archielondon

From Bar to Boardroom – EPrivateClient

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